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Hi! My name is Jason Ulibarri. I am the founder of Virtuous Industries, LLC

My Story 

I was a broke single father trying to buy electronics I bought from China and sell them here in the US. I really wanted to build my own business so I wouldn’t have to live with the corporate shackles of the dreaded cubical.

I wanted to be able to get out of debt and spend more time with my son and free myself from my office prison.

The thing is I was working too many hours at my full-time job. I didn’t have time to put a real effort into it! . That meant I wasn’t able to get out of debt and spend more time with my son, let alone free myself from my metaphorical jail cell.

To make things worse, I felt terrible because I felt like a failure to everyone, especially my son! I felt even worse about the situation because I wanted to teach my boy how to become a successful man, but couldn’t even figure it out for myself. I felt like I was worthless.

The problem was that I needed to buy in bulk from China in order to compete with pricing here in the states, but I ran out of money. Which meant I realized I was going to be stuck in my cubicle forever unless I did something about it, which stunted my dreams of starting my own business.

My Epiphany

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened…

That’s when I read the book “Power of Broke” by Daymond John from Shark Tank. All about thinking creatively. I realized that a lot of people don’t have money when they first start out. If one path doesn’t work, find another one! That’s what successful people do!

It was now crystal clear to me how to use funnels as a way to get people to buy and it would cost me pennies on the dollar! Because of this epiphany I saw I could get my business going without busting the bank doing it.

I also learned that normal ways of doing business like; loans, investors, partners are almost completely unnecessary in today’s online world. You DO NOT need to spend tons of money in order to make money… AND by using funnels you can pull people in to buy your stuff AND make more money on the back-end.

As a result I fully immersed myself in learning online marketing and mastering sales funnels and email funnels. Not to mention advertising and ad copy.

I now knew how to grow a small business by targeting local business. 

After I did that, I started making more money than I was spending. That’s right. I was profitable.

Suddenly, I was spending about $10 a day in ads and making $50 or $60 back. .

That’s when I realized that the secret of needing money to buy electronics from China wasn’t about money AT ALL!! It was about finding a way… Being smarter than my problems.

By having China ship directly to my customers through my eCommerce store, Instead of dropping tons of money on inventory and having to ship the product myself, I could just sell the stuff and have China do all the heavy lifting.

As an added bonus, The sales funnels and email funnels I used helped me attract more customers and sell more product.

I figured it out! …. Now what?

My plan was to start teaching other businesses this amazing sales method. So many people have no idea about this and it’s so unbelievably easy!

So I started creating training videos on YouTube, but I didn’t stop there.

I then made my own funnels to teach people about funnels.

After that, I went door to door to local businesses offering to setup the whole system for them for a small fee. .

But there was still a problem…

The Conflict

In order to sell a local business on this concept it required a lot of time and patience going door to door. There’s a huge learning curve and people aren’t interested in you explaining this whole concept to them for 2 hours. Not to mention, people are very reluctant to buy into a brand new system that might sound like a scam…

I ended up getting so frustrated that I decided to create a course that explained everything they needed to know.

I chose to call it “Business Solutions – Marketing Course”.

I thought if I could create something that would make it possible to apply to literally any business, I’d be really happy.

After many months of tweaking; a lot of testing and lot of rejection, “Business Solutions – Marketing Course” was born.

I can now hand a link to someone and they can learn it and master it at their own pace.

We then started to let other business owners, store owners, realtors, personal trainers, entrepreneurs, etc… use Business Solutions – Marketing Course.

As a result of all this we were able to achieve the following:

My Results

In just 6 months we signed up over 30 businesses and entrepreneurs with the best software on the market. They are all loving it! Since this is all still fairly new we’re looking to get more testimonials soon. Half of those 30 businesses use this method to obtain leads and are crushing it with their follow ups. The other half are starting to sell stuff online now and making a killing doing it.

After creating Business Solutions – Marketing Course, I was not only able to work at my own pace. I now get to be my own boss and help other people do the same thing! I’ve also been able to stop worrying about wasting time, because I can now teach people this system so quickly.

And in the end, all of this means I’m now able to live my life the way I want to. The way that makes me complete.

Thankfully my debt is no longer an issue either! I learned a lot about money management while building Business Solutions. Maybe my next course will be on finances 😉

All the best,

-Jason Ulibarri

Founder of Virtuous Industries, LLC

“Optimizing your business”

Business Solutions – Marketing Course

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