How To Learn Online Marketing

How To Learn Online Marketing

Learning Online marketing is pretty easy when you start to understand the structure behind it all. In order for me to be able to explain it all to you I need to break “marketing” into the 3 main types.

1. Visual Marketing

2. Social Marketing

3. Researcher Marketing

Basically it goes like this… Visual marketing is when you have something that captivates people. Something that they don’t see very often, something that is unique or something that is just plain impressive.

Example: Notice how picture one isn’t impressive, but picture two shows the captivating possibilities.

Social Marketing is pretty self explanatory, I think… Let’s face it, people buy things because their friends do. People often go in the direction of the public opinion, because it feels safer than making a bold “new” decision.

Lastly, marketing to the researchers are all the people that do their homework. They learn the product, they ask around, they essentially check every corner; nook and cranny for the best possible choice.

Now that I’ve explained the core structure of marketing everything becomes super simple on how to learn online marketing. Trust me 😉

The Difference Between Online and Offline Marketing

Are you ready for a truth bomb? This may shock you… Online marketing is exactly the same thing as any other style of marketing. I know, I know… It doesn’t feel that way, because of all the tech stuff today. People mostly scratch their head about how to learn digital marketing online, but believe me the concepts have been the same for hundreds of years. Online and offline

I’m going to paint you a picture of a local hardware store back in the 20’s. Can you picture it? Alright, well that business owner had to (A) Build a shop, (B) Stock the shop, (C) Get people to the shop & finally (D) Get people to buy from his shop. Now, in the 20’s their resources weren’t like they are today, but still the same ‘ol techniques.

A store owner would run some ads in the local paper… Maybe put up a billboard on a busy highway… Probably even go around telling everyone about the new shop! He would make it look good for the visual marketing, tell people about it for the social marketing and he would answer questions and push his products for the researcher marketing.

Well, today is the same thing online. We build a website (a store), we make the pages (Stock), Get people to the website (Google/SEO/FB ads), and finally Get people to buy…. Well, this is the one that most people DON’T do right. Until now. Here is a link on a new system that helps businesses get people to buy from their website.

All that I’m saying though, is once you realize that online isn’t any different it’s easier to control of your marketing.

Step 1: Pinpoint A Target Customer

This is actually a VERY important step, so please don’t gloss over it. The reason why it’s so important is, because you can jumble up different targets and it will just confuse people and put more work on you.

For example: If you picked “Susan” a stay at home mom of 3, who has a 500 dollar a month budget for groceries as your pinpoint target, you would potentially pitch her something like a delivery service that only costs 497 dollars a month for groceries and front door service. However, if you start to include Karen, the single mom of 2 with only a 300 dollars a month budget your lines are most certainly going to get crossed!

Basically, you begin building your ads and funnels for one target and then start modifying for another. Not only does that put extra work on your lap, but imagine how your customer feels if started out talking to them, but then it felt like you were talking to someone else… They’ll lose interest super fast!

Just follow the K.I.S.S factor: Keep It Simple Stupid… or Keep It Super Simple if you don’t like the former.

Step 2: Help Solve Their Problem

As it goes in marketing, everyone has a problem that needs to be solved. You just need to figure out what your product or service solves for your target customers and promote that. Just think of it as scratching an itch that they have.

At Virtuous Industries, I have 3 rules I live by…

Rule #1: Make sure you’re helping someone

Rule #2: Be Authentic

Rule #3: When you begin to doubt yourself see rule number one.

The reason these rules work so well for me is because helping others it the greatest form of motivation. If you are helping others solve problems it really pumps you up. So, that’s my focus as rule number one. Rule number 2 sounds obvious, but people you’d be surprised how many people try to be someone their not. Be real… When you are fake people can tell.

Lastly, when you doubt yourself… and you WILL doubt yourself. Let’s face it, building a business is a roller coaster with a lot of terrifying drops! Well, when you find yourself questioning your own capabilities just remember rule number 3… It’s NOT ABOUT YOU!

It’s funny, but when you think about it, you put helping others as your first point! So… It doesn’t really matter what you think about yourself… Get back to work helping others.

Step 3: Follow UP!!!!!

As an outside and inside salesman for almost 20 years in commercial plumbing, I can tell you with absolute certainty that the fortune is in the follow-up up.

Hey, if you are going for that front end win, good for you! We all love that feeling of pitching something to client and having them take the bait, hook, line and sinker… However, that’s just a quick monetization that is fleeting and doesn’t pay the bills next month.

If you keep in touch with everyone, not just the buyers, but anyone that is a potential lead your back-end conversions will grow exponentially and keep coming in.

If you are a face to face salesman then I don’t have to tell you, but if you are an online business just starting out or a local shop on the corner then chances are you think this doesn’t apply to you. Am I right? Well, that’s completely and undeniably WRONG!!!

This is a great time to be alive with all this technology. EVERYONE can now follow up with their customers with auto email responders. These tools are ABSOLUTELY crucial to growing your business. This is my favorite email responder, because it allows you to map out your entire sequence and it allows you to track your ROI!!! It’s really the only one that can show you how much you’re making on the back-end…

You have to understand that people have a lot going on in their personal worlds. Just because they didn’t buy when you pitched them doesn’t mean they aren’t going to… Remember the different types of marketing. Some people just want to think about it. Others want to ask around about it.

If you are interested in learning how to make the whole process easier you can watch my free training here.

Final Thoughts

I’m a huge fan of making money on the back end. Most businesses put all their effort up front. They focus on getting the customer through the door and pushing that first sale. No one ever considers what comes after that. If you plan out a strategy and make some Up-sells, down sells & cross sells your whole life in the marketing world gets a thousand percent easier.

I probably sound like a broken record, but the best way to achieve more on the back-end is simply by following up. Email marketing is one of the greatest assets for the modern Business. Read more about it in my other blog here.

If you would like to monetize your email list you might check out this awesome email software. Not only does it help you with email marketing, but it helps you keep track of your CAC and ROI! Check it out here.

Here’s a brief explainer video.

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That’s all for now.

Talk Soon!

-Jason Ulibarri

Virtuous Industries, LLC

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